The Museum of Fine Arts of Apiranthos


It was implemented in 2008, when the Museum of Fine Arts was founded by the Friends of Museums and the N.N. Glazos Library Association.



In the summer of 1981, an exhibition of paintings by 17 Aperathite painters was held in Apeιranthos. Organized by the N. N. Glezos Library, with the participation of the Community of Apeiranthos and the Aperathitikos Association. The idea of ​​creating a Gallery was born, but this did not materialize at that point of time.

It was implemented 27 years later, in 2008, where it was founded by the association of Friends of Museums and the Library of N.N. Glezos Museum of Fine Arts. Visual artists, sculptors, engravers and ceramists from Apeiranthos and the rest of Greece exhibited their art works at the Museum of Visual Arts, which has art works by 75 Aperatite artists, as well as artists from all over Greece. Today the Museum has 38 paintings and 12 sculptures of Aperathite artists, 14 paintings and 2 sculptures by artists from all over Greece, 12 ceramics by Vasiliki Dimitrokalli and a creation by shells of an Argentine artist.

The museum has been enriched with relevant art books.

1. Manos Nik.Anastasiou (Painter – Engraver)
2. Maria Ann. Anastasiou (Painter)
3. Nikolaos Emm. Anastasiou (Painter)
4. Marina Ioann. Avgerinou (Hagiographer)
5. John Vass. Vassilakis (Amateur Painter)
6. George Ioann. Glazos (Sculptor – Engraver)
7. Nikos Emm. Glazos (Amateur Harakatis)
8. Katerina Const. Deci (Painter)
9. Vasiliki N. Demetrikalis (Amateur Keramistria)
10. Manos Ioannis. Eleftheriou (Sculptor)
11. Marika Ioann. Eleftheriou (Amateur Harakria)
12. Katerina Ant. Zazani (Painter)
13. Costas Art. Zazanis (Sculptor)
14. Matthew Nik. Zeugolis (Sculptor)
15. Gregory Lyc. Zeugolis (Painter Sculptor 1886-1950)
16. Georgia Emm. Karapati (Painter – Charakria)
17. Sophia Ioann. Kastrisiou (Painter)
18. Nikolaos Fl. Katsouros (Painter – Sketch artist 1905-1990)
19. Peter Dimou Mandilaras (Harakatis)
20. Eleni Il. Margariti (Painter)
21. Jenny Markaki – Glinou (Painter)
22. Kyriakos Moiras ((Sculptor)
23. Kostas Georg. Bacalos (Painter)
24. Nikolaos Fl. Bakalos (Painter 1945-1995)
25. Alexandra Dem. Bakalou (Painter)
26. Viki Nik. Bakalou ((Painter)

27. Manolis Georg. Bardanis (Amateur Painter – Sculptor 1906-1972)
28. Michalis Dim. Mytilineos (Amateur Painter)
29. Yannis Nik. Nanouris (Painter – Sculptor)
30. Yagos Vass. Pitylakis (Amateur Painter 1858-1883)
31. Antonis Ioannis. Pothitos (Amateur Charaktis 1924-1999)
32. George Matt. Polycrates (Painter – Sculptor)
33. Nikolaos Vas. Polycretis
34. Petros Emm. Polycretes (Painter)
35. Sozos Ioann. Protonotarios (Amateur Painter)
36. Elli Emm. Protonotarios (Painter)
37. Sophia Protonatariou – Konstantopoulou (Painter)
38. Sophia Protopapa – Felix (Painter)
39. Ekavi Emm. Protopapadaki (Painter)
40. Eleni Dim. Protopapadaki – Papaconstantinou (Painter)
41. Konstantinos P. Protopapadakis (19th century)
42. Michalis See. Hammer Horn (Amateur Painter 1922-1995)
43. George Zaf. Francis (Painter)
44. John P. Hadjipetros (Painter – Hagiographer 19th century)
45. Irina Hecht (Painter)
46. Narcissus (Sculptor)
47. Katerina Christodoulou (Painter)



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Apeiranthos 843002


Monday – Sunday and hours:
11.00 – 14.00
19.00 – 22.00
Closed every Tuesday


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